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    How have we get started?
    With design to do a better service in Car Rentals by Vietnamese, was established by Vietnam Tourist Information Co., Ltd, serving long-term car rental contracts for foreign companies, especially Japan and Western countries.
    We started up with investment of half-a-car for rental from money of selling our house. 
    Through 16 years of development, we can grow up with a fleet of modern cars & bus to serve our foreign customers of Japaneses & Amreicans companies  
    ... And then we developed new ideas...
    Together with, Car Share for Individuals & Businesses is the first application in Vietnam, known as
    CarShare uses a radical model to deliver economic and environmental benefits through direct benefit sharing to our customers, including individuals and organization.
    We,, launch exclusive car rental service, the car is only for renters, not used for other purposes, to ensure customers peace of mind & health, avoid diseases such as Covid-19. 
    In addition, for more contributions to societies, to help drivers find jobs & living as professional drivers. 
    We are on the way to perfecting the business model, to contribute to society more. If you would like to contribute ideas or any human resources or contribute capital, please contact us. 
    We welcome all. 
    2020 -2021
    Extremely difficult times due to covid-19, we have also made it through after adjusting our exclusive car rentals focused for corporate customers, ensuring the safety of business customers & drivers.
    We prepare all resources to switch to hybrid & electric car rentals, ensuring to protect our living environment. We look forward to cooperating with you and your company.
    Wish you & your company always success, success & more success.
    Our Customers Our Customized Car Rentals Center is under Vietnam Tourism Information Co., Ltd., designed exclusively to serve foreign companies and individuals, especially Japan and the Western countries since 2000. With 20 years of experience in serving the expat community, we understand our customers' needs and can easily respond to their requests. We guarantee our service will reduce the daily troubles you may encounter at a car rental service. Satisfying our customers with safety, economy & smiles is how we have become Vietnam's leading car rental company. 
    That's why we are proud to serve our customers from 2000 to the present:

    Fujikura Fiber Optics Vietnam Co. ltd (Japan)

    JFE Shoji Steel Co.,Ltd (Japan):

    Magx Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Japan)

    Takasago Co.,Ltd (Japan)

    Yokohama Tyre Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Japan)

    Nissin Food Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Japan)

    Perstima Steel Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Japan)

    Sapporo Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Japan)

    Dream Infinity Vietnam Co.,Ltd (Japan)

    3A Nutritrion (Abbott VN) (USA)

    Ecolap Vietnam (USA)

    Hoang Long Hoang Vu JOC Takasima Vietnam (Japan)

    Tanaka Scales Vietnam (Japan)

    Tayosha Electronics Vietnam (Japan)

    Sumitomo Construction Vietnam (Japan)

    Mitsuei Vietnam (Japan)


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